Spreading The Word


So what is “the word”? Well, it’s more like a phrase-“prescription drug abuse”.  At BAART we deal with addiction first hand on a daily basis.  We experience the deep and often very dark challenges and struggles of addiction alongside our patients, and constantly try to understand what brought them to this place of addiction in the first place.  (This answer varies from patient to patient).  And while our business operates primarily within the realm of recovery once addiction has developed, we see an increasing need for spreading awareness.  Addiction to prescription pills and medications is not a “new” problem, but it is developing into an epidemic like we have never seen-which sparks a need for us to make a bigger effort in understanding the problem, its causes, prevention methods and increase awareness-anything that we can possibly do to combat this epidemic.

Once addiction has become full blown, all we can do is focus on the recovery and rehabilitation stage.  But there are many other stages in the process, and we can all do our part to raise awareness and make a commitment to developing a responsible understanding of this dangerous issue as it relates to our own lives, and those around us.  BAART is committed to providing as much information as possible to the communities we serve, through our specialists and through online resources.  In addition to our website, below is an entire website dedicated to fighting prescription drug abuse through education, media, stories and MANY helpful resources.  Educate yourself and join the coalition!



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