A New Year’s “Drug Treatment” Resolution


Preparing for a New and Improved Year

There are many different types of New Year’s Resolutions, and as we all know there are many of those that get forgotten rather quickly and swept under the rug.  But with the rising number of prescription medication addictions, and the tragic accidents and deaths that have happened as a result, now is the time we need to stick to the resolutions that count.   Whether you are struggling with an addiction, know someone that is, or are simply dedicated to the cause, as we bring this year to an end and head into a new one, this is an especially reflective period of time that has the potential for great change.

In terms of drug addiction, as with most resolutions, this is a resolution that most likely will not happen successfully unless the person making it is ready.  With a few weeks left in 2012, let this be a reflective time to get ready.  If you are struggling with drug addiction, know that there are helpful and extremely successful options available close to you, that can change your current path and your future.  If you know someone struggling with drug addiction, there are ways that you can help them keep the resolutions they are making.  This article from a specialist at the University of Washington talks about ways you can help stick to your resolutions, by planning ahead and not getting caught off guard. These tips can be applied to weight loss, working harder and many other things, but especially geared toward making successful New Year’s resolutions for drug treatment.

At BAART we would love to hear about your New Year’s Resolutions, drug treatment related or not.  And if we can be of help to you in the new year, please contact us today.


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