Prescription Drug Abuse Hits Omaha Hard

When most people think about Nebraska, they think about college football and Cornhuskers, and a middle-America state that often flies under the radar because of its very rural nature.  Would it surprise you then to hear that just like so many other more urban and suburban communities across the country, Omaha too is experiencing the “prescription pill abuse epidemic”? Well it shouldn’t, because it seems more and more that no communities – whether they are small or large, rural or urban – are protected from the spread of this type of drug addiction.


A local publication further covers the growing struggle of prescription medication abuse in Omaha.  For us at BAART, we are prepared to face this epidemic with our skilled and dedicated professionals, and our ever-advancing drug treatment methods.  Through our Omaha clinic, we will do our part in providing the necessary resources, support and solutions that communities need in dealing with drug addiction.

Possible signs of painkiller/pill abuse include the following:

  • Patient has symptoms that don’t match observation
  • Patient has no regular pharmacy
  • Patient wants to pay on his/her own although they have insurance
  • Patient refuses further examination on a condition

Of course this signs do not always indicate abuse of a pill or medication, and often may not.  The bottom line is it is better to be safe than sorry, and be aware the habits your friends, loved ones, or children may demonstrate.


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